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Re: Channelling Part 01

Nov 05, 1995 08:16 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

To John Crocker

Dear John

This time I most emphatically don't agree with you.

Agreed that there are people in this world who just go along with
the thought forms of the crowd they're with ... even if it's a mob.
CWL describes this.

Agreed that all of us are influenced by the culture we live in to
some degree & etc.

I've been taught by my theosophical teachers to try to be aware of
these influences & to make up my own mind as much as possible. One
of Harry's favorite sayings was "don't just believe... ask why".
I go so far as to often shut off the sound of TV advertising
& I stuck to driving Toyotas because
they were small & maneuverable dependable & inexpensive. I didn't
break my butt to pay for a Chrysler Imperial. Serge King even taught us
how to communicate somewhat with our unconscious & how to influence
it. I found out long time ago that as long as I wasn't my own boss
as long as I didn't know how to steer my own boat
I was being tossed hither & yon by
any old wave that happened along. Steering also includes consciously
rolling with the punches. My whole training & teaching/learning these
past 30 years has been to make me more aware of what's going on
around me in order to become more efficient at working with it.
For this reason I just don't believe in channeling which is being
done widely today sorry Bee. I didn't tell you not to because I
think grandmas are allowed to do whatever they think is best for
themselves ... nor do I believe in hypnotism ... also
widely practised today. I think that's why Theosophists are such
individualists. The best of us don't follow the crowd aren't
influenced by anyone except if we think it's right for us. Don't tell
me to regress & go get influenced by some other entities that I've by
now managed to cast off. Don't tell me to go toss on the waves
while someone else is steering . No thanks.


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