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Re: Channelling Part 01

Nov 05, 1995 05:01 AM
by John R Crocker

Liesel ...
I grasp your point of view and in neither post said anyone
*should* channel. In fact I do not channel and very likely never will -
I'm just not arranged that way. In fact I even believe and said in the
posts that people who find themselves having objections to channelling
especially if there is a gut-level instinctual reaction to the concept
ought *not* channel ... both because those attitudes themselves will
condition what is attracted as well as because the negative reactions to
the concept may well be a fully valid signal from the inner being that
such an activity is not appropriate in the current life. *Nothing* in
either post said you or anyone else ought to channel.
But perhaps you will be willing to consider the possibility that
there are others like maybe Bee in whom there is no such "inner
prohibition" in whom such an activity may be if not an outright valid
part of their path at least has no deleterious effects and even
further if well developed may be an avenue through which others are
well served. And that the second main point of the posts the
standardized Theosophical approach to the topic which might be called
the Nancy Reagan "Just say no!" philosophy might be in need of some
updating or at least might be able to entertain a few more "grey areas"
than currently exist.

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