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Re: ". . . Gods orders"

Nov 05, 1995 06:18 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>"The Jewish mystic opposed to Israel's giving up West Bank land for peace
>a curse on . . Rabin a month ago appealing to the angels to kill him by last
>week . .
>Timothy McVey also had documents of a philisophical nature from John Locke
>saying tha killing an oppressor is justified.

>One can see the hand and powers of the dark forces everywhere.

I have observed that the manifestation of the dark forces are always preceeded
by the thoughts that carry out their wishes. The primary thought is "I want
what I want . . . at any cost." Intense desire leads to desperation and
desperate acts which human beings justify by their desperation. "He just
wouldn't get out of my way so I ran him down shot him gassed him got rid of
him . . ."

- ann

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