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Re: to Brenda

Sep 27, 1995 01:59 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<As part of existing on Globe D, we have a manasic principle. The same is
true if we came into full existence on Globe E, we'd also have a manasic
principle, drawn from the cosmic plane that Globe E is on. The manasic
principle that we experience on Globe D is not the same as that we experience
on Globe E. Globe D's manas is not from the same plane as Globe E's.>

I have some problems understanding what Eldon is trying to say here.
The manas of Globe D, according to the MLs is the vegetable and
animal kingdoms. The manas of Globe D is NOT our manas. The word
manas itself means mind, and is usually linked only to us humans.
The idea of a manas for a Globe must be considered as a correspondence
via the principle of 'as above so below.' Human beings are only connected
to Globe D via the physical body (actually the lower three "principles"). Our
principle of kama, the emotions, is based on the astral plane. Our mind or
manas is on the mental plane. All of this is IAW AB/CWL, so I am not
on too-thin ice here (unless, of course, you just don't want to believe
anything at all that they taught - which is anyone's right). Eldon's last
sentence makes no sense to me, unless he is trying to say that Globe
E's plants and animals are not the same as those on D - which I
would agree too. Anyway, our manasic principle is obtained during
the bardo after Devachan, as we begin our descent back down to D.
As we go through B, we take on a new manas, and as we go through
C we take on a new kama, and when we are born, we take on a new
physical body (I include all 3 lower principles here). Our manas,
which is to say the human mind, is not on Globe D - by anyone's
definition, thinking and thoughts are not physical and so cannot be
on the physical plane. Nor can emotions, which by definition can
only be located on the astral plane.

Jerry S.

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