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Re: Planes and Globes

Sep 27, 1995 01:59 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Dan:<Now does Jerry S. agree with this? Are the principles of Globe
 D all on the same cosmic plane as Globe D is?>

Yes. Well, practically, anyway. Let me quote you
a message that I posted some time ago:
Speaking of Globe D, KH describes its 7 principles as
follows: "In the Globe, the elementals (of which there
are in all seven species) form (a) a gross body, (b) her
fluidic double (linga sariram), (c) her life principle
(jiva); (d) her fourth principle kama rupa is formed by
her creative impulse working from centre to
circumference; (e) her fifth principle (animal soul or
Manas, physical intelligence) is embodied in the
vegetable (in germ) and animal kingdoms; (f) her sixth
principle (or spiritual soul, Buddhi) is man (g) and her
seventh principle (atma) is in a film of spiritualized
akasa that surrounds her." (Letter XV)
There are lots of possible interpretations for this.
I think that the veg and animal kingdoms mean that
their physical bodies only comprise the manas of
Globe D, and that humanity as the buddhi of Globe D
refers to our physical bodies, but this is just one
possible interpretation. The atma of Globe D could
be the earth's magnetosphere. Anyway, it could be
argued that, using the three invisible subplanes of the
physical plane, which are sometimes lumped
together and called the Etheric Plane, all of the
principles of Globe D are on the physical plane.

Jerry S.

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