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Re: to Brenda

Sep 26, 1995 06:16 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Jerry S:

>I am coming at this whole model
>of Globes from the viewpoint of pathworking, not of evolution or "living"
>on the Globes. What I am saying is that we can consciously experience
>each of the 12 Globes of our planetary chain now, while living on Globe D
>via the technique of pathworking - which is an imaginal technique used
>a lot in the Qabala, Enochian Magic, and many other places.

This is the same thing as a visit to the Globes in their spheres of
effects, without coming into embodiment on the Globes. The Globes are
particularly places of existence within the earth chain. The qualities
behind the Globes, which we may wish to experience, can be realized
without a visit to the Globes.

Behind each of the Globes is the influence of the Seven (Twelve?)
Sacred Planets. Each is a Ray of the Sun, and carries with it a
separate and distinct quality. We can experience these qualities,
while embodied here on Globe D, without "leaving" the Globe. That
experiencing of the qualities sounds like what you mean by "pathworking".

>When I pathwork, I remain fully conscious in my physical body, and I
>am never "possessed" by anyone, nor do I have a "spirit guide" etc etc.
>I am talking about buddhi-manas where you raise consciousness to
>higher planes and then just relax and listen to the ideas that flow into
>your head.

So far it sounds like a good practice.

>I do not see colors. I do not see anyone living on Mars.
>I do, however, see relationships, and I sometimes feel forces and powers
>acting, and I sometimes get ideas which I later have to put into words
>and write down before I forget.

It sounds like through directed attention you are putting yourself
in touch with great life-currents (if I may coin a new term). These
currents correspond to thought-currents in Mahat, but aren't
precisely the same.

>Then I check what I have written against
>the core teachings, etc, to make sure my ideas are not against anything
>that was taught. Sometimes I am amazed at what I wrote down, and
>wonder at how I did it. This is how most of my books have been written.

We're generally amazed by what we come up with in a creative process.
It's also good that you check your ideas against the core teachings,
which provides a sounding board and external reality check to the information.

>I actually "see" them on a higher plane, and the basic ideas of each book
>are made known to me. I then must write it all down before I forget.

When we say "see", we need to clarify if we mean "with the mind's eye" or
"with the psychical senses". Here, you seem to mean the former. There are
two different faculties that "see" could refer to.

>I can usually write down a good outline, and this, in turn, jogs my memory
>as I write. In a sense, this is a form of channeling.

"Channelling" is not a good word, because it is not an eternal being that
is using you as stenographer or typist. It is you own understanding that you
are trying to capture in words, and the outline helps you stay in touch with
the thought-current that has fueled your new ideas.

>In another sense, maybe I
>am simply getting in touch with my unconscious possibilities.

"Unconscious possibilities" is a psychological term, and we are talking
about an occult process that goes beyond western psychology. We have to be
careful not to belittle our grand ideas either through scientific reductionism
nor through psychological reductionism (reducing everything to terms of how
it relates to the personality).

>But I don't think its any kind of
>kama-manas - there is no detail, and no emotion, for example.

With kama-manas, we have taken on the sense of ego and personal self (manas)
and its interest and desire to act in the world (kama). We would not take
on more than Atman, Buddhi, and perhaps higher Manas on the other Globes,
since we don't come into existence to the point of desiring to do things in
the world, through an embodied existence, on those Globes, a desire that comes
with taking on Kama.

>Anyway, our human life-wave is currently incarnating on Globe D, and I have
>never disputed Eldon's contention that we can only fully incarnate on
>Globe D at this time. But we do, in fact, have "access" to the other Globes.


>The planes do not go around the globes, but
>rather the globes are situated in the planes. One Globe can only fit
>on one plane at a time. Globe D is on the physical plane.

I agree with this so far ...

>If it has
>an astral counterpart, this counterpart would be located on the astral
>plane (because there is only one astral plane, so everything astral has
>to be on it somewhere). If Globe D has a mental component, this would
>have to be located somewhere on the mental plane, and so on.

But with how this is worded, I'd disagree. The astral, desire, mental, etc.
principles of Globe D are all on the same cosmic plane as Globe D is.
But I'd say we are not "on a plane", but "on a Globe, experiencing various
states of consciousness." Those states of consciousness correspond to the

As part of existing on Globe D, we have a manasic principle. The same is
true if we came into full existence on Globe E, we'd also have a manasic
principle, drawn from the cosmic plane that Globe E is on. The manasic
principle that we experience on Globe D is not the same as that we experience
on Globe E. Globe D's manas is not from the same plane as Globe E's.

-- Eldon

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