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Re: globes and rounds

Sep 26, 1995 05:48 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Eldon and Jerry both suggest we have access to globes A-C and E-G before and
>after our incarnation on globe D.

And also "during", as in sleep and initiation. To have access to the Globes
requires a temporary stepping aside of the human personality that we know
ourselves as.

>I never construed this from my reading. I
>always felt life continued "only" on globe D until the end of a Round. There
>would be no access whatsoever to the other globes until a full Round or
>seven races were completed on globe D.

In the ordinary sense, this is right. We can only exist as fully-embodied
humans where the human lifewave is. Our ability to exist apart from the
collective is difficult, and it is not something generally done.

When we speak of us going to the other Globes, it is not of our coming
into full incarnation, but only in a subjective state. The only general
exception would be Mahatmas and Initiates.

>In order for this to be true, all that would be required would be seven
>planes exclusive to Globe D souls (or maybe only 5 planes would be

If I remember right, from "Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge", our Globe
D is on the lowest cosmic plane. Our seven principles, as we know them, for
that Globe, are derived from that plane. Globes C and E are on the next
cosmic plane, and the seven principles that we have on those globes are
derived from that plane.

>The seven (or five) planes around the other globes would also be
>separated from Globe D's planes and there would be little if any crossover.

The planes are a continuous spectrum. The Globes are specific places of
existence on that spectrum. We pass from one Globe to the next through a
laya center. When we pass to another Globe, we say that we've passed to another
plane, and that is true, since the other Globe is on another plane.

We might consider the planes as states and the Globes as the places where
beings exist and experience the states.

>When death occurs, the souls and bodies stay right here. They don't move up
>to "Minor-pralaya" land.

The principles return to their sources, except for the highest of Atman,
which is universal. That is, we depart the fabric of consciousness of our
Globe D Ego or center, and either clothe ourselves in the fabric of
consciousness of our Globe E Ego, or we quickly pass through the Globes
and reenter the Globe D Ego again.

We can say that our principles do stay right here. They are Skandhas that
were drawn from the plane on which Globe D exists. They stay here and we
leave them behind. We are not the principles, we are the Monad, the observer,
and have principles and a center of consciousness developed for each Globe
that we may visit.

-- Eldon

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