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Re: globes and rounds

Sep 26, 1995 05:35 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker



>> There
>> would be no access whatsoever to the other globes until a full Round or
>> seven races were completed on globe D.


>Well, here I am agreeing with Brenda. Perhaps we are both naive, but what
>she is presenting is the way I have been picturing life here -- that most of
>our work is confined to Globe D for the present, other humanities and other
>life waves are doing their OWN thing on the other globes.

What form of access do we have to the other Globes during sleep, death,
initiation, and the long time periods of the Rounds?

At least one of my ML quotes states that after devachan, we either return
to our world of causes, or go on to the next one. The circulation through
the Globes, as I see it, is in one direction, taking us from D to E, F, G,
A, B, C, then back to D again. As we pass the other Globes, we may have
some awareness of that passage, but we generally don't come into embodied
existence. The Mahatmas become Fifth Rounders by taking embodiment on the
other Globes, and acquiring experiences that the general humanity won't
have until the human lifewave passes through the other Globes.

The general flow of life energies is along the direction of the Globes.
Passage from one Globe to the next is through a laya center, that takes
us onto the plane that the Globe is on. As we go along, it's like walking
from one train car to the next, except that the first and last cars are

How do we pass through a Globe without existing on it? We do not come
into embodied existence in its sphere of causes, but simply touch,
momentarily, its sphere of effects, and have a passing subjective state
that corresponds to the swabhava or quality of consciousness of that Globe.

We all agree, I suspect, that the human lifewave is here on Globe D, and
that this is the place where our evolution is primarily focused. But in
treding the Path and evolving *inwardly* beyond our external Globe D
circumstances, we are drawn into lifetimes on the other Globes, and
personally race ahead. In our personal, external evolution, we can ride
the crest of the wave of humanity. In our inner evolution, we can separate
from the wave and experience more.

-- Eldon

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