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Vote: HPB for Pope

Sep 26, 1995 12:49 PM
by Richtay

A day or so ago I wrote the following:

>It seems to me that whether HPB was infallible or not
>(it seems clear she was) the point is that it was
>her job to teach the occult philosophy of the Masters."<

No one has called me on it yet, so I want to be the first to point out my
error. I mistakenly typed "It seems clear she was" when I meant, "It seems
clear she was NOT (infallible)."

Just thought y'all would like to know I do actually realize the woman was
human. I do often think she is underestimated, however, she was not exactly
what she appeared to be in my opinion. Even her so-called emotional
"outbursts" may have had their purpose.


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