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Re: CWL's chart

Sep 26, 1995 09:28 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Glad to have you back for awhile! I enjoyed your post re: the chart of CWL,
>and wonder if you have had any exposure to Sabian Symbols. I would love to
>correspond with someone who has read about these and wants to compare what
>they know. I believe the only author who considers them besides Dane Rudhyar
>is Mark Edmund Jones.(?)

Thanks, Brenda. Actually, I've never heard of the Sabian Symbols, but then I'm
sure there are many things about astrology that I've never heard of. I imagine
the whole subject would take lifetimes to fully study.

I learned the astrological basics when I was involved with Kriya Yoga and have
done some study of esoteric astrology from the Bailey material.

I'm reading CWL's Ancient Mystic Rites, put out by Quest, and really enjoying

Best wishes,

- ann

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