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re: on CWL

Sep 26, 1995 09:08 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Rich wrote:

>I have also heard that CWL had a sexual involvement with
>Krishnamurti and his brother, Nitya. It seems this was the
>cause of their father wanting the boys to leave Adyar and come
>back to live at home. There was a court battle over the
>situation, I don't remember how it turned out.

 Yes, their father made some accusations to that effect, but
they were never proven, and no legally meaningful evidence was
presented to support the accusation.

>What are the relevant historical documents and facts about the

 The most important document is the court transcripts of the
case, but this is over a thousand pages of material--a lot of
heavy reading. J. Narayaniah (the boy's father) sued for custody
of his children in 1912. My reading of the material is that the
father was basically concerned that CWL had guardianship over his
children against his expressed wishes, and that he (CWL) was
having "unnatural relations" with them. Narayaniah never trusted
CWL and gave his children to the charge of Annie Besant in the
first place with the expressed demand that CWL not be in physical
charge of them. When he found that this understanding was
violated, he sued for their return. The case is complicated and
at first glance one would wonder how a natural father could lose
custody of his own children. Two factors were plain to my
reading however: the Judge was an Anglo-Indian; and the economic
advantages that the children would have under their foster mother
was very heavily taken into consideration. My opinion is that if
the Judge were an Indian, the decision would have been different.

 The tragedy of this case (IMHO) is how Narayaniah's own
wishes and concerns over his own children were disregarded in
favor of higher "occult" purposes.

 The 1906 scandal was also introduced into this trial, but
since there was no police involvement, arrests and conviction,
the court gave it very little weight. However, a lot of
interesting details emerge in this document.

 The documents also have some funny moments. One of my
favorites is CWL under cross examination explaining that he has
clairvoyantly seen the Martian civilizations but never physically
visited them.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
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