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Group Project Follow Up

Sep 26, 1995 05:02 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson


I found the exercise of responding to a focused piece of work very helpful
in my understanding and sorting out my personal response to Theosophy. I
wanted to know how the rest of the felt about the exercise and whether we
should continue with my original idea of posting one response/reaction
piece a week. Like I said it doesn't have to be a treatise just a personal
and applicable group of thoughts we can discuss. Does anyone want to
volunteer to post the next topic. Perhaps since we have been hammering away
at the Daniel posts of late someone might suggest how theosophy understand
and relates to exoteric traditions such as mainstream Chrisitianity or
Buddhism etc. Regardless of the topic I would like to hear whether it
worked for you.

Also on a personal note I hope my posting II wasn't too critical or
arrogant sounding - there was a certain silence on the topic after I wrote
it - so I suspect that it was either offensive or off topic, perhaps
obscure? - let me know. Just checking:) for feedback.


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