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Re: Concerning Daniel H. and censorship

Sep 22, 1995 04:51 PM
by Richtay

Paul writes:

> Now, Rich. Let's not let our disgust with Daniel's exclusivism
> lead to a mirror-image exclusion of Jesus from history.
> Christianity is the largest world religion in terms of
> membership, approximately double that of its nearest
> competitor, Islam, which also honors Jesus. Those two yield
> approximately 3 billion members, with Hinduism a distant third
> and Buddhism an even more distant fourth. In light of HPB's
> anti-Christian sentiments, Theosophists may wish things to have
> turned out otherwise-- but they didn't. JESUS RULES! (statistically
> speaking, that is :) Geographically, Christianity and Islam
> dominate the greater part of the globe, too.

Paul, I was speaking about the history of human religion in general, taking
as a starting point the teaching of the Secret Doctrine that man has been
(roughly) in his present form on this globe 18 million years. In that light,
Jesus and Christianity are merely a speck, which is difficult to see among
the throngs of religion.

Christian numerial superiority is recent (last 500 years or so) and not so
surprisingly about to fade quickly as various colonized countries shake off
that distasteful reminder of previous oppression by Europeans.


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