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Re: words that inspire, including science

Sep 22, 1995 04:47 PM
by Richtay

Brenda wrote:

> Rich has as firmly accepted theosophy as Daniel has accepted Christianity.
> Rich is set upon continuing a course of study which is all that he really
> needs. He doesn't need to hear about what other people are doing because
> distracts him from his course.
I thank you for your kind analysis of me, my path, and my methods, but I must
(lightly) protest. I do need to hear FROM others, and I like to hear ABOUT
others. I have learned tremendously from people on this board, most notably
from Jerry H-E, from your husband Eldon, from Alan Bain, and most recently
from Daniel Caldwell. They have a grasp of the source material, the history,
the documents, and the TEACHINGS which I deeply admire and wish to emulate.

What I do not admire nor wish to emulate are the nasty spewings of someone
who has no interest in Theosophy, the teachings of Blavatsky, or the
Theosophical path. In many ways Christian fundamentalism is diametrically
OPPOSED to the principles of Theosophy, including Universal Brotherhood and
tolerance of diversity.

I feel no compunction whatsoever in speaking up for Theosophy and its central
place on this board. After all, what would it be like to go to a church
service with Daniel, stand up in the middle of worship, singing, praying,
sermon, whatever, and start reading aloud from the Mahatma Letters? Wouldn't
that be a little "off-topic"? Or to insult the Christians gathered at coffee
hour and mock their Scripture and revile Jesus? He has places to go and
study, he is not some waif out in the cold. And we here have our study and
work and sharing. Daniel should certainly be allowed to share, compare,
discuss, etc. but he is not availing himself of the opportunity, is he?

I agree with Art's more generous position re: Daniel that there may indeed be
"seeds" there, which may sprout. Certainly, there are worse things than
following the literal words of Jesus in the Bible (although a lot of the
OTHER words in there we could do without). However, the delete key is not
always appropriate when misinformation is being spread, or when people are
being verbally assaulted (remember the abortion post??) I agree with Art
here too, we need to set limits and encourage POSITIVE growth, not
self-indulgent spewing completely off-topic for the board.

A note for Daniel H: Please don't confuse "dissociation" with "persecution."
 Persecution involves harm of some sort, or at least wishing harm would come
to someone. I don't wish you harm at all, I just wish you would come here to
learn and share about Theosophy, or leave us alone. Your attempt to present
my arguments and contradictions to your silly posts as "persecution" demeans
and degrades the experience of those martyrs who truly WERE persecuted and
died horrible deaths. In a word, get over yourself.


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