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Re: words that inspire, including science

Sep 22, 1995 07:38 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Brenda wrote:
>> Rich has as firmly accepted theosophy as Daniel has accepted Christianity.
>> Rich is set upon continuing a course of study which is all that he really
>> needs. He doesn't need to hear about what other people are doing because
>> distracts him from his course.
>I thank you for your kind analysis of me, my path, and my methods, but I must
>(lightly) protest. I do need to hear FROM others, and I like to hear ABOUT
>others. I have learned tremendously from people on this board, most notably
>from Jerry H-E, from your husband Eldon, from Alan Bain, and most recently
>from Daniel Caldwell. They have a grasp of the source material, the history,
>the documents, and the TEACHINGS which I deeply admire and wish to emulate.


You are to be congratulated to. You have some very decent goals in "emulation."


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