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Re: words that inspire, including science

Sep 23, 1995 12:37 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Rich wrote:
> I feel no compunction whatsoever in speaking up for Theosophy and its central
> place on this board. After all, what would it be like to go to a church
> service with Daniel, stand up in the middle of worship, singing, praying,
> sermon, whatever, and start reading aloud from the Mahatma Letters? Wouldn't
> that be a little "off-topic"? Or to insult the Christians gathered at coffee
> hour and mock their Scripture and revile Jesus? He has places to go and
> study, he is not some waif out in the cold. And we here have our study and
> work and sharing. Daniel should certainly be allowed to share, compare,
> discuss, etc. but he is not availing himself of the opportunity, is he?

Lewis: Thought you made a good point here. It continues to amaze how
unChrist like some can act while professing to be his follower!

> I agree with Art's more generous position re: Daniel that there may indeed be
> "seeds" there, which may sprout.

Lewis: Have you ever run across a story about HPB concerning her
giving members of the royal court in England applications for
membership? As I recall it some questioned the value, saying it was
like casting pearls before the swine. Didn't she realize that they
were only interested because they had heard the queen was? She said
that the seed had been sown, the link created even though it might be
lifetimes before they benefited from it.

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