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All those Christians!

Sep 22, 1995 04:51 PM
by Richtay


I also want to compare your figures. Where are yours from? From the World
Almanac, 1994, the figures for Protestants is 400 million. For Catholics,
650 million, and 300 million Orthodox. That makes 1.35 billion. And those
are Christians by birth, not by "confession."

I don't think we can count Muslims as people who in general think much abot
Jesus, the tradition honors him mostly as a figure in history, the way
Christians honor Ezekiel. Does that make Jesus in any way central? No.

So out of 5.6 billion people, we can count 1.35 billion as Christian. It is
also very interesting to me that after 300 years of missionary activity, 2%
of India is Christian, 1% of Japan, and ZIP among Tibetans. I wonder why so
little luck?


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