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Re: Concerning Daniel H. and censorship

Sep 22, 1995 02:09 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Daniel K.:
> or a masters in the school of hard knocks either
> Jesus of Nazareth is UNIQUELY everything He said he was
> or He is not.
What evidence do you have for this? It strikes me as an
entirely arbitrary assumption. What about "greater things than
these shall ye do" and "why call me good, there is none good
but the Father in Heaven" for starters.
 And if He is not then He and His followers
> are the greatest disciples of ignorance ever.
Again, this is an entirely arbitrary assumption. You live in a
black/white either/or world. But the real world is filled with
myriad shades of many colors.

Jesus was unique. Jesus is just like many others. These are
both true statements, depending on what you mean by the terms.
> Rich why do you persecute me?
Daniel, why do you persecute theos-l?

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