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Re: Concerning Daniel H. and censorship

Sep 21, 1995 10:31 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>As I said before. REGARDLESS of having a PHD in stupidity
>or a masters in the school of hard knocks either
>Jesus of Nazareth is UNIQUELY everything He said he was
>or He is not.

Unless you were there to hear him speak (e.g. by a remembered
previous lifetime), you don't know what he said. You have the
word of others regarding what writings are attributed to him.

There's a couple of not's here. He is not unique in that he
was one of many Avataras or great spiritual teachers that
came to renew spirituality *in a particular age.*

We cannot accept everything that is attributed to him as
literally true, because some of it may have been intended
as parables to teach spiritual truths, and not literal
historic events.

>And if He is not then He and His followers
>are the greatest disciples of ignorance ever.

Ignorant of certain spiritual truths about life like
reincarnation and karma. Somewhat experienced in a feeling
of the spiritual, a feeling that is understood with incorrect
words. Not guilty of ignoring the spiritual, but rather of
a narrowness of outlook that blinds one's eyes to the
presence of divinity behind everything, only looking for the
divine in certain places and shutting the eyes to the rest
of life.

>Rich why do you persecute me?

There are different ways that you can be interacted with.
On an emotional level, we can share an appreciation of the
spiritual, leaving all words and concepts aside. On a
philosophical and intellectual level, you and many of us
may not be able to communicate, unless you are willing to
discuss ideas on their own merit, considering their pros
and cons without regard to an appeal to a claimed biblical
authority. I cannot speak for Rich, but I can say that I'm
not particularly interested in the Bible, and apart from
any of your own ideas that you offer for discussion, there
gets to be less and less to talk with you about.

>A word from the Lord.

When you take something *you* believe in, and say that
your idea is from the Lord, you are using the Lord's
name for your personal vanity (e.g. your personal ideas
are divinely inspired). Each of us speaks for himself, and
not for some God or divinity or ultimate source of life.

>Who did Pharaoh think Moses was talking about?

We always plan ahead for hard times. That is the
responsible way to manage our resources. We can save
grain for a possible future famine. We can accumulate
good merit through unselfish deeds in the world. Or
when we take a less-selfish position, we can work for
the general betterment of humanity, without regard for
personal reward.

-- Eldon

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