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SD quotes re: space & other

Sep 21, 1995 11:36 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Maybe some of these quotes will relate to the discussion going on now.
Hopefully, Eldon's post can be related to the following idea of Space.


P. 10 There is no difference between the Christian Apostle's "In Him we live
and move and have our being," and the Hindu Rishi's "The Universe lives in,
proceeds from, and will[8] return to, Brahma (Brahm=E2):" for Brahma=
the unmanifested, is that Universe in abscondito, and Brahm=E2, the
manifested, is the Logos, made male-female in the symbolical orthodox
dogmas. The God of the Apostle-Initiate and of the Rishi being both the
Unseen and the Visible space. Space is called in the esoteric symbolism "the
Seven-Skinned Eternal Mother-Father." It is composed from its
undifferentiated to its differentiated surface of seven layers

p.20 Space is called the "Mother" before its Cosmic activity, and
Father-Mother at the first stage of re-awakening. (See Comments, Stanza II.)
In the Kabala it is also Father-Mother-Son. But whereas in the Eastern
doctrine, these are the Seventh Principle of the manifested Universe, or its
"Atma-Buddhi-Manas" (Spirit, Soul, Intelligence), the triad branching off
and dividing into the seven cosmical and seven human principles, in the
Western Kabala of the Christian mystics it is the Triad or Trinity, and with
their occultists, the male-female Jehovah, Jah-Havah. In this lies the whole
difference between the esoteric and the Christian trinities. The Mystics and
the Philosophers, the Eastern and Western Pantheists, synthesize their
pregenetic triad in the pure divine abstraction. The orthodox,
anthropomorphize it.=20

P. 124 Belief in the "Four Maharajahs"=97the Regents of the Four cardinal
points=97was universal and is now that of Christians, who call them, after=
Augustine, "Angelic Virtues," and "Spirits" when enumerated by themselves,
and "Devils" when named by Pagans.

P. 242 " When Matronitha, the Mother, is separated and brought face to face
with the King, in the excellence of the Sabbath, all things become one
body," says verse 746, in chapter xxii. of " Ha Idra Zuta Kadisha." "Becomes
one body " means that all is reabsorbed once more into the one element, the
spirits of men becoming Nirvanees and the elements of everything else
becoming again what they were before protyle or undifferentiated substance.
" Sabbath " means rest or Nirvana. It is not the seventh day after six days
but a period the duration of which equals that of the seven " days" or any
period made up of seven parts. Thus a pralaya is equal in duration to the
manvantara, or a night of Brahm=E2. is equal to this "day." If the=
will follow Jewish customs they ought to adopt the spirit and not the dead
letter thereof: i.e., to work one week of seven days and rest seven days.
That the word " Sabbath " had a mystic significance is shown in the contempt
shown by Jesus for the Sabbath day, and by what is said in Luke xviii. 12.
Sabbath is there taken for the whole week. (See Greek text where the week is
called Sabbath. " I fast twice in the Sabbath.") Paul, an Initiate, knew it
well when referring to the eternal rest and felicity in heaven, as Sabbath;
" and their happiness will be eternal, for they will ever be (one) with the
Lord and will enjoy an eternal Sabbath." (Hebrew iv. 2.)=20

P. 257-258 Nature is never stationary during manvantara, as it is ever
becoming*, not simply being; and mineral, vegetable, and human life are
always adapting their organisms to the then reigning Elements, and therefore
those Elements were then fitted for them, as they are now for the life of
present humanity. It will only be in the next or fifth Round that the fifth
Element, Ether-the gross body of Akasa, if it can be called even that-will,
by becoming a familiar fact of Nature to all men, as air is familiar to us
now, cease to be as at present hypothetical, and also an " agent" for so
many things. And only during that Round will those higher senses, the growth
and development of which Akasa subserves, be susceptible of a complete
expansion. As already indicated, a partial familiarity with the
characteristic of matter=97permeability=97which should be developed=
with the sixth sense, may be expected to develop at the proper period in
this Round.=20

A footnote to the above is this:
*According to the great metaphysician Hegel also. For him Nature was a
perpetual becoming. A purely esoteric couception. Creation or Origin, in the
Christian sense of the term, is absolutely unthinkable. As the above-quoted
thinker said: " God (the Universal Spirit) objectivizes himself as Nature,
and again rises out of it.'"=20

p. 311- 312 Chapter XVII I. of the Book of the Dead which seems to contain
the exposition of the system of the world as it was understood at Heliopolis
during the time of the first dynasties, is known to us only by a few copies
of the eleventh and twelfth dynasties. Each of the verses composing it was
already at the time interpreted in three or four different ways; so
diffcrent, indeed, that according to this or another school, the Demiurge
became the solar fire=97Ra-shoo, or the primordial water. Fifteen centuries
later, the number of readings had increased considerably. Time had, in its
course, modified the ideas about the universe and the forces that ruled it.
During the hardly 18 centuries that Christianity exists, it has worked,
developed and transformed most of its dogmas; how many times, then, might
not the Egyptian clergy have altered its dogmas during those fifty centuries
that separate Theodosius from the King Builders of the Pyramids?"

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