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Re: K.H. on women

Sep 19, 1995 08:27 PM
by Tracey Benson

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995 wrote:

> Tracey,
> The Olcott Library will answer e-mail questions. I think they'd
> also xerox off passages for you, & snail mail, but they only
> lend books by mail in the United States.
> I'd love to hear what your paper is about, if you're able to
> share it.
> Liesel
Dear Liesel,

I phoned Marie today, she sounds very nice, I gave her my phone number so
she could pass on messages for you. The mathematical information you were
seeking is unfortunately lost. Marie said to tell you that she has been
treating you on the machine for spasms of the broncial, for your emotions
and mind. She hopes you are feeling better.

I,m sorry for the short response but will send a lengthy post in the next
couple of days, re essay if your interested.

take care

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