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Re: abortion

Sep 19, 1995 08:08 PM
by Tracey Benson

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995 wrote:

> Theosophists come down on both sides of abortion... some on 1
> side some on the other.
> Liesel
Abortion is a matter for careful consideration and meditation. Perhaps a
foetus that has been terminated has been spared a painful existance, for
varied reasons: the circumstances of the conception,ie-rape, the possible
lack of financial and emotional means, and the resentment that faces this
unwanted child.
The child planned for been given what they need from their parents: love,
security, warmth.
I certainly cannot agree with the notion that an unformed, preindependant
feotus is the same as a man who goes to war. The soul that may or may not
have arrived in the body, has not formed consiousness through separation
from the mother. A man who knows he exists, and is aware of the existance
of his soul is of no comparision to the former.

This is a topic which will never find a suitable outcome to all concerned.


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