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Re: K.H. on women

Sep 23, 1995 06:13 PM

Hi, Tracey,

Didn't realize that you were waiting for me to get you KH on
women. I'll ask the library to e-mail it to you directly, if
they can, or else send it to me & I'll e-mail it on to you.
There isn't any charge I don't think. I'm also going to tell
our library the subject of your essay, in case they have
something in the way of leads to contribute. If they give me
something long to send you, I might ask you for your snail mail
address. But e-mail is much faster & more satisfactory.

Meantime, I got a snail mail letter from Marie. Between that &
your message I know how things are going with her, & just as
important let her know how things are going with me. She's a
good friend, even at this distance. She's used to having lots
of people around. At times, she & Harry traveled to different
corners of the globe to talk Harry's brand of Theosophy & to
heal people.
She acted as Harry's assistant, a role which took on more &
more responsibilities, as Harry grew older. He was 89 when he
passed over. She's quite a person. They were quite a pair.
Anyway, we matured part of our way in life together, and are
good friends.

Do you work at the university?

My senior citizen apartment complex is having a Fall festival
today. There'll be handicraft booths, with things for sale,
games for kids, food & I don't know what else. I invited my
cleaning lady with her family. She's really a college student,
majoring in Human Services, who's looking to earn a bit of
change. I've found that college students make the best cleaning
ladies. She was born in Soweto, South Africa (I've been there),
& has lived variously all over Africa. They've been in this
country for 4 years, & know more about how to get around town
than people born in Syracuse. They're coming for a meal first,
& I guess the kids'll have fun playing afterwards. The little
boy loves my cat, Chou chou. He's also 3, and very polite. When
he met me, he shook hands. We don't do that, do you? it's

Glad to get your message. Don't feel you have to write. You
seem to have a very busy existence. Write when you can.



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