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Re: K.H. on women

Sep 23, 1995 07:55 PM
by Tracey Benson

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995 wrote:

> Hi, Tracey,
> I'm interested in your essay, but please wait to write until
> you have time.
> Thanks for phoning Marie. Glad you found her at home. If it was
> a long distance call, please let me know what I owe you. I'd
> rather you didn't have any expenses.
> Namste
> Liesel
Dear Liesel,

I thought I'd make a quick reply to your message, as I haven't been home
for a few days and must go off again and look after a gallery for a
friend for a few hours. I phoned Marie at work so the expense was
incurred by the university and not me, I will try to do that as much as I
can to save us both a lot of fussing around.

Are you able to get a copy of "KH on Women"? I remember you saying that
it costs $1.35, was that right? Could I ask a favour if you are able to
locate a copy, and I will reimburse you.

The essay I am in the process of writing is about the influence of TS in
Australia during the interwar years. I am specifically interested in the
number of women involved and for what reasons. Via Annie Besant, I would
also like to look at connections with socialism, radio as a medim and the
resulting influence on the arts community, particularly the surrealists.
At the moment I'm looking at Bergson, Jung and Lacan for relative

At this stage this writing won't be finished until next year sometime,
perhaps I will post it in several sections for you to look at. I seem to
be spending a lot of time reading at the moment and not a lot of time
writing, but the reading is definately the fun part.

I started reading something last night in TSD about speech and the mind,
when I finish today perhaps would like to present a question to the group
re this and radio.

Sorry, I seem to be thinking through my fingers. Anyway, must go and
catch my train, take care



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