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Re: True Progress;LFD & JRC & others

Sep 16, 1995 09:01 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Firstly, regarding the research of powers latent in man:
>I think that the research of psychic powers _is_ in agreement
>with the third object of the TS, though one can ask oneself
>what would be the proper setting/condition for this to be
>fruitfully done. At least a careful comparison with the clairvoyant
>findngs of others would be necessary & the proper atmosphere,i.e.
>an understanding and acceptance by other fellow-theosophists
>why this research is valuable and in which context it has its place.

I think it would be agreeable for everyone to research "latent" powers,
which means if they have some power that they are able to use and have
already activated, they have to research those which they aren't able to
use. If everyone were working on what is latent in themselves, then no one
would be able to claim that they had already achieved the goal in our third
object. If psychism is real, then it's here. Similarly, if some people are
born gifted, then they are a select group which deserves appreciation. If we
appreciate psychism, we could 1) go to watch it, 2) pay money to support it,
and 3) be aware of what is currently being done with it.

Once you have a "power" and know how to use it, why do you need to
"investigate" it any further? Those who have the powers should be content
with their processes and try to continue them. For instance, if I find out
that I am able to "purify the water element" then I should try to apply the
same principles and attempt to "purify the air element." Keep purifying,
more and different things. Continue to ask questions about how can I next
purify the government? How can we purify the courts? How can we purify
accountants? More and more and more with new vistas. This would be

If though, I expect to stay with the purification of water and stop any
further investigation of my nature, this would be like the damning up of a
stream just to produce the results: purified water. So why can't we all
investigate unknown areas of our psyche. If an area is in use, we can use
it and appreciate it, but how will we further its value by insisting that
others acknowledge our accomplishment. If we do this, we are desiring fruit
and are hoping to stop our work and enjoy ourselves, called "basking in the
sunlight." If we keep working, we grow in awareness.

Are we after results or are we after an activity? If people are after the
results of power, then it might be like Rapunzel spinning straw into gold
under lock and key. This is an unfair world. High prices would be paid for
an ability, maybe even one's freedom. Think how HPB hated hypnosis, yet
today it's treated so off-handedly. I would rather try to please her and
prevent a spread of hypnotism then just proceed in ignorance. HPB knows the
dangers which I have tried with all my power to imagine and appreciate. They
are: 1) criminal activity and 2) perverting the will of another human being.
Innocent people can be misused and abused because of hypnosis. I would
almost be willing to deny it works at all then to subject its laws of
practice to the masses and have it inordinately in use among the
unsuspecting. Hypnosis can be used to make one steal, even for the theft of
military secrets, theft of armaments, etc.

 So, here we
>have CORE theosophy asking the same questions as JRC is..
>Any ideas?

Actually, I don't like the word CORE at all. I'm too holistic. Theosophy
should be holistic and look at the total picture. I throw the "core" of my
apple away. It's the juicy fruit around it which has value.

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