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Re: True Progress;LFD & JRC & others

Sep 17, 1995 09:27 AM

Dear Martin,

I really like your proposal as to how to handle ESP within the
TS. I also like all the projects you mention at the end, into
which Theosophists could branch out. I have 3 suggestions in
that direction. 1.) Serge King wrote "Earth Energies" in which
he describes experiments done with Prana, vril, chi, ... it
comes under many names. Serge also mentions areas in which
research hasn't been done, & could profitably be undertaken.
That would be a project for a study center. 2.) I started a
group last year. At this point, things are a little wobbly &
I'm not sure it's going to survive. But the plans are to do
what Miami did last year ... to study Itzak Bentov's "Stalking
the Wild Pendulum". I'm just now reading the intro & have
leafed around in it, but the general idea is to get to
experiments with the unseen. 3.) There's also a newer book,
about chaos theory, which lends itself to dicussion. It mixes
science & mysticism, & sometimes touches on the arts..
"Turbulent Mirror" by John Briggs & F. David Peat.

Lastly, I know for sure that Adyar has an ES.



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