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focus on core?

Sep 17, 1995 08:25 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Rich writes:
>So why not focus on the CORE which makes Theosophy in our lives possible
>today, and see what light is shed on our paths, rather than rail against how
>conservative our Founders were, or how much more enlightened we are than
You still don't get my point that I don't think we need to exclude people
because 1) we don't have time to read further, 2) we don't enjoy the books
that are written by the other authors or 3) someone tells us that studying
"all kinds of writing" can't be done within the context of theosophy and
that it is divisive. It has nothing to do with light from core or making
theosophy possible or railing about the better job done by some than others.
It has to do with seeing the steps to wisdom and not just walking the ladder

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