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Library Books

Sep 17, 1995 10:08 AM
by Thom Nelson

It was great to discover that there was a pretty good selection of =
Theosophical Literature at the Virginia Tech Library (Tech is pretty =
science-oriented, though many major in liberal arts). The SD is listed =
as available, but I haven't been able to track it down yet. Recently I =
checked out Paul's _The Masters Revealed_, _The Key to Theosophy_, =
something called _Outline of Evolution in Eastern Texts_(sic?) which had =
H.P.B. listed as the author by the library but was actually written by =
another person as an abridgement / retelling of the SD, Leadbeater's =
_The Inner Life_, A.A.B.'s _Light of the Soul_, and Judge's _The Ocean =
of Theosophy_. After returning those I took another approach of just =
looking at all the books around BP560 and ended up getting a larger =
variety. I've been looking at _The Findhorn Garden_, _Beloved Son_ by =
Steve Allen (a book about religious cults which was right next to the =
Theosophy), and _Theosophy:The Path of the Mystic_ by Katherine Tingley, =
who'd I'd never heard of before. I'd like to know of others' opinions =
on the Findhorn Community and Tingley, both of whom I admire from their =
books. Tingley's book is very poetic, which I don't find much in =
Theosophical literature; it's almost corny at times but is very =
inspiring, yet practical. I read _The Findhorn Garden_ three years ago =
and fell in love with it. Working with plants, I have tried to use the =
devas' advice, but it takes a lot of commitment and perserverance, not =
only in getting the information, but believing it will work as well. =
Besides the plants, their whole spirituality, in the early days at =
least, was extremely high and loving. They really opened themselves up =
to a strong force for change; whether it was initiated by the devas, =
their own higher selves, or some unknown Adept who knows, but their =
whole beings were consumed by creating this beautiful place practically =
in the middle of a desert -- truly magical. BTW, I also got _Man =
Visible and Invisible_ by Leadbeater; might have some relevance to the =
discussion on psychic phenomenon going on right now.

Love and Light,

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