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Re: True Progress;LFD & JRC & others

Sep 17, 1995 01:41 PM
by Richtay

Brenda wrote:

> Actually, I don't like the word CORE at all. I'm too holistic. Theosophy
> should be holistic and look at the total picture. I throw the "core" of my
> apple away. It's the juicy fruit around it which has value.

Okay, but that yucky old core is the solid frame around which the "juicy
fruit" forms. There would be no fruit possible without the stable, boring
old core.

Likewise, psychic stuff only has meaning and value when seen in the light of
a great philosophy of Life which sheds light on every problem known to man.
 I suspect we all agree on this, no one is arguing for psychism just for the
hell of it.

So why not focus on the CORE which makes Theosophy in our lives possible
today, and see what light is shed on our paths, rather than rail against how
conservative our Founders were, or how much more enlightened we are than

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