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Re: Library Books

Sep 17, 1995 11:18 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Thom--

I'm glad to see you de-lurking, and want to take a moment to
comment on your reaction to The Masters Revealed. The question
of what's really going on inside HPB in relation to the Masters
is, as you note, quite untouched by my research in that book.
The methods appropriate to a university press study do not
allow for much speculation into such concerns. However, the
sequel does present a promising angle for investigation,
although I go into it only briefly. The Radhasoami movement,
which emerged in India not long before the TS, teaches the
practice of Surat Shabd Yoga, which involves telepathic
communication with the Masters (mostly north Indians named
Singh, which resonates with my book). The Voice of the
Silence, in its first section, reads like a Radhasoami text.
I'm interested in the possibility that the means HPB used to
communicate with her Masters are a variation on what Radhasoami
teaches. Stephan Hoeller noted the importance of this line of
inquiry in his recent, stimulating article on the Masters in
Gnosis magazine.


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