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Re: A. Bailey & World Government

Sep 17, 1995 11:27 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Eldon B. Tucker:
> >What do you mean by "entirely different?" How do you know?
> We're working on the kama principle, as Fourth Rounders, and have yet
> to undertake substantial work on our true humanness, the manasic
> principle, for some time to come. As Fifth Rounders, they have undergone
> and become capable of experiences that are not afforded to us at our
> stage of development.
This "map" of human development is an interesting one, but if
we define the Masters deductively according to such a scheme,
it might hurt our ability to perceive them as living realities.
> Would you say that putting the right thought in someone's mind is any less
> real than showing up in person to argue before a legislature for
> some particular law? Are things without apparent physical means
> untrue and not really working in life, until proven?
No, but I'd say that an unbalanced Theosophical focus on such
unconfirmable activities of the adepts leads to a fantasy world.
> There's the idea of Shambala.
Pretty well understood to be mythical, no?
 And the Tower of Infinite Thought. And
> the passage in The Secret Doctrine talking about how from one generation of
> Adepts to the next, their wisdom is tested and reproven by personal
> experience. This organized effort for learning and perserving wisdom could
> reasonably be called a "spiritual university" even if we cannot identify
> a physical campus, with classrooms and labs.
Fine, as long as we're clear about not taking it literally.
> It is not elitist to talk about stages of development and attempt to
> understand what lies ahead for us. I'd rather find it a helpful thing to do.
It really depend on how we apply the idea of stages to our own
experience. An elitist distortion of the idea seems more the
rule than the exception, when organizations start to get
crystallized around the concept.
> This is precisely why I cannot accept the Jungian typology, for instance; it
> is too neat, too rigid, too complete, too much of appearing to be a final
> answer.
Yet infinitely expandable.
> I won't deny that there are many failings and human limitations to the
> Masters, *as we know them as Globe D men of flesh and blood.* But there
> is also something more to them than apparent in the human personality that
> most of us see, something that goes far beyond!
But there's something more to *everyone* than most of us see!

Glad we have cleared up some misunderstandings. Eldon, you are
an excellent discussion partner-- precise, cordial and
thorough. Namaste.

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