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Re: A. Bailey & World Government

Sep 18, 1995 03:11 PM
by Richtay

Paul writes,

> If you think that the *place* in Jammu/Kashmir is the *school*
> of which various other "lodges" are branches, then I suggest
> that you are way way off the mark due to literalism. *School*
> is not a *place* but a spiritual reality as I understand it.
Paul, come on! A lot of us have been to India and seen the "historic" places
of Theosophical history! Why do you think we are foolishly locate "Masters
School" in a single place or building?

Eldon DOES IN FACT take the idea of the Brotherhood literally, along with its
schools, I believe. He also takes it, as I do, on other levels, including
the "spiritual" level you are indicating. We must beware of taking the idea
of schools TOO LITERALLY and wandering into foolishness, which you
appropriately warn about.

But it is a fact that the Syrian Mandeans have their underground meeting
places, Buddhist monks are known to meditate at times in caves, there are
secret societies meeting in private all over the world. Why is it so hard to
believe that the Masters, in their different regional areas, congregate from
time to time, as well as train students?

We must not, I hope, feel the need to capitulate to modern worldly
skepticism, and place all of our truths safely and neatly in the romantic
realms of "spirit." Blavatsky was an adept at symbolism and metaphor, and
used it readily. She was also blunt about things when she wanted to be. She
taught that there were ACTUAL SCHOOLS of Adepts, whether they are stationary
or move around from century to century, and I have every reason from my own
studies in religion and travels to believe this is perfectly possible.


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