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Re: Ergates

Sep 18, 1995 03:15 PM
by Richtay

When one writes a letter to a publication, protesting the treatment of
Theosophical history, figures, or philosophy, one need not write as an
egomaniac or "fundamentalist."

When writing such letters to the editor, one can point out the things one
liked as well as the things one did NOT like about the article, and I myself
never say that I am a Theosophist or with the ULT. I just write as MYSELF.

The goal is not "control" of a publication or discussion, but a fair
portrayal, with words which are obviously biased, like "charlatan" etc.
called into question. For example, in the Smithsonian article, the author of
that article quoted from the 1884 Report of the Society for Psychical
Research, but did not bother to mention that the same Society WITHDREW that
report in the mid-1980's. That's what I call unfair. One can at least
present BOTH SIDES of a hotly debated issue!

As for letters on the Smithsonian article, my understanding was that the
editor there had received 33 letters IN GENERAL, not necessarily letters of
protest or letters from Theosophist.


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