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Re: Source Teachings, Core Teachings of Theosophy

Sep 18, 1995 03:15 PM
by Richtay

Daniel Caldwell wrote:

> I hope nothing I have said in this posting will be misunderstood. I am
> not attacking William Q. Judge whom HPB said in 1888 was a "chela of
> years" and a hard, very hard worker for Theosophy.

I certainly don't hear you attacking WQJ, nor would I particularly care if
you did. As you say, it's a personal choice.

But there are compelling reasons to understand that Mr. Judge's teachings
were part of the "core" of the teachings.

He had a connection to the Masters which no one else besides HPB had -- he
was a direct chela, and accepted over 500 letters from the Mahatmas, which he
was prepared to produce for the benefit of those Theosophists who attempted
to put him to "trial" in London.

Mr. Judge was -- at the time HPB wrote -- an accepted chela of 13 years
standing, as you wrote. He was not only a hard worker, but a FOUNDER, and a
direct teacher and messenger of the Masters. No one else did or could have
done the teaching and working he did, because he was specially appointed for
the work even before he took over the body of the 7-year-old Irish boy. Mr.
Judge describes the process of being "pushed" into the body of the dying
Irish boy ("William Quan") by his Master, and then for years living the
double life of an Indian prince in the Eastern hemisphere when it was
daylight there, and as an Irish "boy" when it was daylight in the Western
hemisphere. (This can all be read about in LETTERS THAT HAVE HELPED ME.)

Mr. Judge was not merely a hard worker, but a direct student of the Mahatmas
and their mouthpiece, in just the same way HPB was, and he NEVER DEVIATED
from the lines laid down, whether during HPB's life or after her death. We
can say all these things of no other student in that first generation.

All of this is meant not as a "defense" of Mr. Judge nor an "attack" on
Danny's position, but merely my statement of why many consider Mr. Judge's
works "source" material -- because it came directly from THE SOURCE.


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