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Re: Question 002 multipart

Sep 18, 1995 03:15 PM
by Richtay


I want to respond to your post although I already read the one by Paul
Johnson. I agree with his statement on number 3., regarding the wide and
diffuse influence of the Theosophical movement, but I would answer 1. and 2.

> 1. How can you describe middle portrait of modern theosophyst:
> Which class he belongs to? (middle, high or low)
> How old is he? (young, middle age)
> What about education (social science, technic or ?)

I think Paul is right that many Theosophists in America are middle-class, but
I also know of a great many who are quite poor and a few who are wealthy.

In my tradition of Theosophy (United Lodge of Theosophists, or ULT) there are
many old people, but also quite a few young ones. I am 26 years old, and I
am friends with quite a few serious associates who are in their early 20's.
 We don't have many teenagers.

The education level in ULT seems quite high, with a college degree being
pretty standard, and a number with professional or master's degrees. A few
have PhD's, and I know of a few of our yougner associates who are working on

> 2. In your mind what about relation young people to theosophy?

In this branch of Theosophy (ULT) most everyone I know in the lodges wh ohave
children, raise them to be Theosophists, and probably half of our associates
grew up in Theosophical households. I know of quite a few families who have
been in Theosophy for 4 and 5 generations, going back right to Madame
Blavatsky's and Mr. Judge's time. We also attract people with no
Theosophical history in their family. I come from a family that was vaguely
involved with the Adyar T.S., but I chose to associate primarily with the
ULT. The new generation of kids in my family are also being raised as
Theosophists and attending meetings just as I did when I was little.

So -- I suspect your questions will bring very different answers from
different Theosophical Societies and different regions of the world. In the
Phillipines, for example, Theosophy is BOOMING among the young people, and
they are building something like 4 or 5 lodges a year.


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