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Re: K.H. on women

Sep 16, 1995 01:54 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Alan wrote:

> I reproduce below the section of the footnote by K.H./E.O. to
> which Jinaradasa refers:
> "... But the authors of the Perfect Way [Anna Kingsford and
> Edward Maitland - A.B.] are right: woman must not be looked upon
> as only an appanage [sic] of man, since she was not made for his
> benefit or pleasure any more than he for hers; but the two must
> be realized as equal powers though unlike individualities.
> "Until the age of 7 the skeletons of girls do not differ in any
> way from those of boys, and the osteologist would be puzzled to
> discriminate them. Woman's mission is to become the mother of
> future occultists - of those who will be born without sin. On
> the elevation of the woman the world's redemption and salvation
> hinge. And not till woman bursts the bonds of her sexual
> slavery, to which she has ever been subjugated, will the world
> gain an inkling of what she really is and of her proper place in
> the economy of nature. Old India, the India of the Rishis, made
> the first sounding with her plummet line in this ocean of Truth,
> but the post Mahabaratean India, with all her profundity of
> learning, has neglected and forgotten it.
> "The light that will come to it and the world at large. when the
> latter shall discover and really appreciate the truths that
> underlie this vast problem of sex, will be "like the light that
> never shone on sea or land," and has to come to men through the
> Theosophical Society. That light will lead on and up to the
> *true spiritual intuition.* Then the world will have a race of
> Buddhas and Christs, for the world will have discovered that
> individuals *have it in their own powers* to proctreate
> Buddha-like children or- demons. When that knowledge comes, all
> dogmatic religions and with these the demons, will die out. - E.O."
> -------------------
> I guess this really belongs on theos-roots, or *also* there.
> Maybe JM could put it in the archive?
 Thanks for bringing up a topic I have been thinking about. The
current world conference on women's rights in China has had me
wondering if this is one of those events said to take place at the
end of each century inspired by the Masters and designed to push
forward the evolution of humanity.

 Regardless of ones views on them, it does seem the views
expressed in this letter would have a profound impact on the next
century if they could be realized.

 This may also be part of the promised new mission for the society.


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