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Re: 666

Sep 19, 1995 09:39 PM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello dhedrick? and the others.

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995 wrote:

> The UPC code has three sets of two bars. This also represents 666.
> C'mon theosophists...just try and blow this off as mere circumstance.
> Jesus is coming back soon...

Thanks for your opinions and a quote from The Bible. My native language
is finnish, so you may forgive my poor english - now I'm a little
uncertain of your use of word 'circumstance', but I interpret that you
mean coincidence? My opinion is that there are no coincidences. If you
can find out a single 'coincidence' you please inform me? Everything,
that happens or occurs, has some reason behind it. Because of our
limitations of perceptive faculties and our intelligent, we usually can't
know and observe all the reasons. But they are there. Nothing 'just'
jumps out of vacuum.

 The another question is; what is the meaning of some phenomenon. So if
you suggest that this particular matter is insignifigat - I don't argue, I
don't know.

I also want to corrrect your logic when you compare this numerological
interpretation of WWW to your other examples - they are rumours, I
suppose, and you present them in a such manner, at least they are not
verified facts. But this abbreviation needs no proofing, it is in use,
and you can see it and you can also interpret is as suggested - this all
is common knowledge, facts. As I said, it is a different question whether
this is signifigant or not. My reason why I cross-posted Stephan's post
was that to my astonishment nobody has remarked this before, because this
is quite obvious to see as many peoples know something about numerology.

Fraternally, Peace.
aki korhonen
Rovaniemi, Finland.

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