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Re: 666

Sep 19, 1995 05:23 PM
by dhedrick

Let me tell you that when I first accepted the Lord
into my life I was prompted to stay away from
eschatology (study of end times) and to focus more
on the matters of the heart.

May 3rd 1988, was a solid, permanent, and remarkable
day in my life. From a man of absolute destruction to
a man desirous of truth and fellowship with His Maker.

7yrs later my interest has peaked to have somewhat of
a grasp on what the END will bring according to biblical


The Mark of the Beast, Daniel 9, Ezekial, Thessalonians,
Matthew 24, and Revelation...all scream out of a certain

It becomes more clear everyday that His return is eminent.

Orthodox Christians have interpreted the scriptures to indicate
that there will be what is called a RAPTURE. 1Thess4:16

Some believe that it will come before this terrible TRIBULATION.
PRE-Tribulation Rapture.
Some believe that believers will endure 3 1/2 yrs of trib.
and yet others believe that the saints will endure all of this
terrible time before Jesus returns.

You won't have to worry about missing it. It will be obvious.
The RAPTURE of those that believe will cause them to meet
the Lord in the air.

You see regardless of my understanding of these certain
events I remain PAN-Trib. However it pans out in the end
that is what I am for.

The warnings in scripture can be forgotten, blown-off, or
neglected but just as a sign on the road indicates "Cliff Ahead",
if you remain in denial and press the Cliff you will go.

I am simply waiving my hands attempting to create a
diversion here so that you will not fall into your own

There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end
is destruction.


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