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Re: Source Teachings Part III

Sep 19, 1995 05:35 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>It is true that Judge did not have the Initiatic standing of HPB, but if the
>Masters are the Source of Theosophy, and Judge had within him the
>Nirmanakaya, as you just wrote above, then it seems inescapable that his work
>is source material, even if he was the junior partner to HPB.

The question of the occult status of Judge is quite apart from any assignment
given him by his teachers, the Masters. The materials that he wrote for the
general public were not terrible esoteric. His work was more directed towards
the common aspirant. He was working to awaken some interest in the spiritual
in America back in the "cowboy and indian" days. His work was long, hard, and
often unappreciated. He did not go around making grand claims for himself,
saying that he was a high Initiate, Apostle of the Coming Christ, etc., but
devoted himself to simple, humble, selfless work. He provides us with a good
role model for our theosophical work.

Since Judge did not write advanced books like "The Secret Doctrine," we
would not call him a Teacher, where we use that term to imply someone
authorized by the Lodge to openly write new religious texts or advanced
works of philosophy on its behalf in the world. Some of us would consider
him in the other role, as Messanger, as someone authorized to work in the
world as a representative of the Lodge, permitted to speak openly of that
connection. In this respect, I think that he was allowed to speak of his
work on behalf of the Masters because in America in the time making such
a statement enhanced his work. In today's society, any such claim would
certainly be a detriment.

>No one ever said they were equal [HPB & Judge], merely that Judge was as much
>a partner to the Masters directly as HPB was, and he gained in strength
>every year after he passed probation in 1886.

We really don't know how many agents that the Masters have in the world
then, nor today. There were a few associated with the early Theosophical
Society. Are there any with the theosophical groups of today? Elsewhere
in society, where can they be found? We can wonder, but there's not much
information in our literature. The lack of information in our books does
not mean there aren't Chelas at work throughout society, not any more than
the lack of something in the Bible proves that it cannot be.

>He received 500
>communications from the Masters directly after HPB's death, this seems
>like "Source" material to me!

True. The "source" is the body of knowledge taught in the Masters'
"university", fragments of which is offered to the general public, as
conditions permit. It is found with anyone trained in this knowledge,
and we can read of it in those rare cases where the pledge of secrecy
taken by these Initiates is waived, and they are permitted to speak.

-- Eldon

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