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Re: Source Teachings Part III

Sep 19, 1995 04:23 PM
by Richtay

Danny wrote:

> And later that same year, HPB writing from Ostende, Belgium to Judge says:
> "The trouble with you is *that you do not know the great change* that came
> pass in you a few years ago. Others have occasionally their *astrals*
> and replaced by those of Adepts (as of Elementaries) & they influence the
> *outer*, & the *higher* man. With you, it is the NIRMANAKAYA not the
> that blended with your astral. Hence the dual nature & fighting. Fakir?
> Fakir be damned. The man knows not the difference between a *Nirmanakaya*
> of an Adept & his *astral*."
It is true that Judge did not have the Initiatic standing of HPB, but if the
Masters are the Source of Theosophy, and Judge had within him the
Nirmanakaya, as you just wrote above, then it seems inescapable that his work
is source material, even if he was the junior partner to HPB. No one ever
said they were equal, merely that Judge was as much a partner to the Masters
directly as HPB was, and he gained in strength every year after he passed
probation in 1886. He received 500 communications from the Masters directly
after HPB's death, this seems like "Source" material to me!


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