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Re: What authenticates what we believe?

Sep 19, 1995 06:36 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Arthur Paul Patterson wrote:

>>Murray: 2. Recognition
>>Along with the intuitive feeling of rightness, there is often a
>>recognition experience.
> Art: I can't help but recall what Plato said about learning being
> recollection. Recognition reminds me of recollection - "Oh yes I recall
> that even though I can't recall being taught it before!"
In the psychology of memory, it is said that the field of recognition is
greater than that of unprompted recall.

It's possible that on one level, the Recognition aspect of authentication
could be due to memories of knowledge held in a former life, that made
enough impression on the skhandas to be accessible in the new life.

Another angle on this is that if we are brought close enough in
consciousness to an archetype, we recognize it because in our deeper self
we "fan out" to embrace the universe, so that the archetypes (some of
them, anyway) can be found within our awareness. Perhaps this is the
reference standard I mentioned in my previous post. This idea seems to
tie in with Plato.

There's a whole lot that could be discussed here.

> 3. Creativity
> >... art, music or literature. We seem to have enough of the seeds of that
> >kind of creativity in ourselves to repond to it when we meet it, even if
> >we're lightyears from being able to conceive it and procuce it on our
> >own.
> Art: I have a difficulty with exactly what creativity is. I guess I think
> of it as linkage and synthesis.
Yes, it's hard to pin down to one thing. I'm thinking of creativity as
the experience and process of thought, here, so it would not give
authority in itself, but rather is the discovery and building of concepts
in our "pyramid of trust". The point is, we can be creative but wrong.
In fact, our inner life is really a sequence of discoveries and
discardings as we move to something nearer the ever-elusive truth.
Only some of us find it hard to let go of a position, once occupied.

>>4. Love, Faith and Trust
> Faith comes from the word pistis which means leaning into relying on or
> trusting. It is the active expression of belief. When people make it into
> an noun it comes to mean a body of dogma and is prefaced by the word "The"
> faith. If we could use the word in its relying sense then a lot of
> suffering would be ameliorated.
Oh, I agree so much on that one.

> Murray, I am thinking about the remaining aspects of authentication and
> will likely respond later. But I did want to say I really appreciated the
> effort you made to answer my questions. Thank you very much.
You are more than welcome. - It was fun too.

Murray Stentiford

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