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Re: Concerning Daniel H. and censorship

Sep 19, 1995 06:26 PM
by dhedrick

In response:

>Hoping that you might challenge your own assumptions and the foundations of
>your open belief system, I will offer you a series of questions adapted from
>a book by Arthur W. Osborn: The Cosmic Womb: An Interpretation of Man's
>Relationship to the Infinite.
>(1) How are we to know that the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the
>Vedas or any other so-called "holy" book from the various world religions
>are anything other than the records of the personal experiences and thoughts
>of individuals?

Because the Holy Spirit teaches me that which is truth. As for the Bible
vs the other "holy" books...The foundation of the Holy Bible is the most valid.
If you have studied its origin and its progression you can only conclude that
the Bible is remarkable and unique.

>(2) If we say the Bible or some of these other scriptures are inspired, what
>do we mean by inspired?

Inspired means "God Breathed". Not mans interpretation of what he cannot
perceive. When I type "Thus says the LORD...." Who am I speaking of? Did you
ever notice that Moses came to Pharoah and said "The LORD says...." Did Pharaoh
know Moses's God?

>(3) Is the inspiration from "God" and if we say so, HOW DO WE KNOW?

Truth IS. When we live a life of denial against the truth, we reap the rewards
of denial. Prophets were sent by GOD for the specific purpose of getting us
TO KNOW. We can know because Jesus did come, died, and resurrected. The
scriptures make incredible prophetic claims and the scriptures teach fulfillment
of those claims. As a man wanting to KNOW, we are set before the Holy
Scriptures with many claims and are left to our freewill to determine for
ourselves what truth is. Amazingly enough once a true confession and belief
is poured out from the one who wants to know God reveals Himself to the
believer. This does not mean that man determines TRUTH. It means he
has a choice to follow truth. Jesus said He was the Truth. So to know truth
is to know Him.

>(4) More pertinent to the modern situation is: Who are the people claiming
>to know just which books are or are not the word of God?

You are aware that Jews deny the New Testament. Are the Jews the ones
to determine what is Holy? Jesus declared that the Old Testament was HIS
word. And the New Tetsament is filled about the life of the one that claimed
He was God. Has any other Man ever claimed to be God, provided evidence
of his divinity and remained as a Man of Truth and a Great Teacher?

God in the OT said that Israel was his chosen nation. Where are the Hittites?
What happened to the Amorites? The Jewish nation is now a nation and
was propecied to be a nation again. What happened in 1948?

You see prophecy is a certain method for examining TRUTH.

>(5) How do you know that God has not spoken in other religious books other
>than the Bible?

TRUTH is not twisted. Scripture interprets scripture. Truth interprets truth.
If I had no opportunity to read the the Holy Bible, that would not change
the TRI-UNE nature of God or man's need of a Savior.

>(6) And what do you mean when you speak of "God"?

Here O Israel the Lord Our God is One.

>(7) Furthermore, how much do you know about other religions of the world?
>About Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, etc? I would
>suggest that you read a textbook on comparative world religion such as
>*A History of the World's Religions*, 9th edition by David S. Noss and John
>B. Noss of read *The Eliade Guide to World Religions* by Mircea Eliade, Ioan
>P. Couliano and Hillary S. Wierner.

I enjoy comparitive studies. Why do all major religions deal with Jesus?
Many make claims that are contrary to first hand evidence as written
in the New Testament which is the only valid history of Jesus of Nazareth.
It is also interesting that ALL cults deal with Jesus. What they deal rarely
aligns with known truth about Jesus. The reason is attempt to
dillude the truth.

>(8) Also how many other sacred scriptures have you read? Have you read
>the Rig-Veda, the Bhagavad Gita, the Adi Granth, the Koran, the Nag Hammadi
>Gnostic texts, etc.? Find a copy of *Sacred Texts of the World: A Universal
>Anthology* Edited by Ninian Smart and Richard D. Hecht and expose yourself to
>religious ideas East and West down through thousands of years.

Yes...Yes...and Yes....
The Urantia is another fine work of a fool. Fortunately the Concordex was
so that they kind find their foolishness more quickly. As for the
Gnostics...they didn't

>(9) Also if you have had a personal experience with Jesus Christ, are you
>aware that there are other sincere religious seekers who have had personal
>encounters with Krishna who says in the Bhagavad Gita: "I am the Self seated
>in the hearts of all creatures.....I am the beginning, the middle and end of
>all creation." Are you aware that there are many Buddhists who have a personal
>experience with the Universal Buddha? How do you know, how can you be sure
>that your experience with Christ is valid and their encounters with Krishna
>or Buddha are false? Maybe, just maybe, Daniel H., your encounter is not
>better or worse than their encounters. Think about....ask yourself in the
>privacy of your own thoughts....these questions.

Jesus is not the Beginning, the Middle and End of Creation...He is the Creator.
And Angels of Light appear to many...
Mormon's have a burning in their bosom to validate their spirituality. How
do they know that it is not just indigestion? I remember an acid trip that
caused me to meet Satan himself. Does this invalidate my experience?

This is the primary reason why experience cannot be our foundation.

Jesus made UNIQUE claims. And fulfilled them.

Did Buddha and Krishna claim to be GOD or to be TRUTH?

>(10) Do you seek Truth, Reality (whatever you want to call it) or do you
>seem comfortable beliefs?

Where is there comfort in persecution? I have had my life threatened on
three occasions for my confessions of faith. I was however comforted by
the presence of the Holy Spirit.

>(11) And how much to you know about mysticism, peak experiences, etc.? About
>the great mystics not only of Jewish and Christian traditions but in other
>religious traditions in Asia, Africa, South America and elsewhere?

Whether I know 5% of that which you spew before me or 95%, it does not
change the OBJECTIVE truth that man is broken and needs a Savior and that
ONE Savior is Jesus Christ.

>(12) There are probably 30 good books in print on mysticism (universal,
>worldwide) that show that people of many different religions, cultures, etc.
>have experience the DIVINE. One of my favorite books is The Teachings of the
>Mystics by W.T. Stace. It is out of print , but borrow a copy from your local
>library or through interlibrary loan.

There is ONE book that declares that Satan is the Prince of the Power of the
Demonology is an interesting study. Why is it that Demons become powerless
in the Name of Jesus?

>(13) And how much do you know about Esoteric Christianity?
Enough to know that to remove the real historic Jesus is to have no Jesus.
And that Special revelation is not unique. The scriptures were written
so that ALL may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In all your readings and your reading list...the question remains.
Who is Jesus?

If you utter some nonesence about him as one of many Savior Christs,
who at different times have come into the world to enlighten each
generation or culture than you deny the UNIQUE claims and validity
of Jesus of Nazareth.


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