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re: CWL and Mars

Sep 19, 1995 01:07 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Alan Brain wrote concerning Leadbeater:

>He was, at one time, expelled from the Adyar based Theosophical
>Society in consequence of the homosexual allegations made
>against him, but was later re-admitted to the fold.

 The allegations at this time (1906) were not that he
committed any homosexual acts as one normally thinks of them, nor
that he was even homosexual. The issue was that the parents felt
betrayed that CWL was giving sexual counseling to their children
and making them swear secrecy from their parents concerning his
counsel. This, understandably, created feelings of fear, guilt
and shame in the children. In light of the above, I feel that
the standard explanation that CWL was charged with advising
children concerning masturbation to be an obscuring of the issue.
This refocus was done by Annie Besant in 1908 when she announced
that CWL had promised her that he would never again advise
masturbation to children, therefore she was bringing CWL back
into the Theosophical Society. Of course, his admissions of
"touching", "sleeping with" and "bathing" the children have been
completely ignored.

 Later sworn police testimony by Oscar Kollestrom and the
collaborating eye witness testimony of Mrs. Martin that CWL
masturbated Oscar did not occur until 1914. Yet, I question
whether the label "homosexual" fits CWL in light of what we know
about his activities, and I would not use this term.

 I appreciate your interest in putting the facts concerning
CWL's life and his teachings on the internet and hope that there
is sufficient interest to continue this exploration. CWL is one
of the most visible figures in the theosophical movement, yet his
writings are the most subject to being edited, and the facts of
his life suppressed. It is ironic that an Organization with a
motto such as "There is no religion higher than truth" can find
justification in these actions.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
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ps, I would not buy a used car from him either, but I think he
could have been a great car salesman. :-))

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