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RE: censoring

Sep 19, 1995 00:27 AM
by Porreco, Nick - CPMQ


I agree with you, I personally know a lot of people who found theosophy by
being first attracted to the works of CWL. I myself am very grateful to his
books which I ran across when I first found Theosophy. And have learned a
lot from two of his former students (Dora and Harry). Slander doesn't do
anyone good and brings us away from the higher ideas we are trying to
understand and ideals we are trying to experience.

Nick Porreco
> Rich:
> I, for one, think that we shouldn't slander anyone on theos-l and that
> name-calling and other similar associations with slander should be censored.
> It's illegal to slander, isn't it? Even today there are people who are
> reading and discovering theosophy through CWL. I'm only hoping that people
> here will have this chance. His work should be presented without someone
> becoming so forcefully anti-CWL that all hope of choice is annihilated. I
> don't think there's any danger of this happening regarding Mars, but someone
> is already refusing to buy a car from him. (This is meant in fun, I hope.)
> Brenda

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