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Concerning Daniel H. and censorship

Sep 19, 1995 00:20 AM

I agree with Brenda. If Daniel H. wants to post on theos-l, that's okay with
me. Now I may not take what he says very seriously and from time to time,
I may just skip right over his posting without reading it, but that's may
choice and does me little harm or inconvience to just skip.

I do believe that Daniel H. needs to realize that if he wants to post on
theos-l, then he should realize that for fruitfuly discussion and learning to
occur between him and other members of theos-l, he needs to open himself up
to seeing a
 different point of view, maybe several points of views!

Are you willing to challenge your own assumptions, Daniel? Maybe just maybe
you don't have a monopoly on truth?

Hoping that you might challenge your own assumptions and the foundations of
your open belief system, I will offer you a series of questions adapted from
a book by Arthur W. Osborn: The Cosmic Womb: An Interpretation of Man's
Relationship to the Infinite.

(1) How are we to know that the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the
Vedas or any other so-called "holy" book from the various world religions
are anything other than the records of the personal experiences and thoughts
of individuals?

(2) If we say the Bible or some of these other scriptures are inspired, what
do we mean by inspired?

(3) Is the inspiration from "God" and if we say so, HOW DO WE KNOW?

(4) More pertinent to the modern situation is: Who are the people claiming
to know just which books are or are not the word of God?

(5) How do you know that God has not spoken in other religious books other
than the Bible?

(6) And what do you mean when you speak of "God"?

(7) Furthermore, how much do you know about other religions of the world?
About Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, etc? I would
suggest that you read a textbook on comparative world religion such as
*A History of the World's Religions*, 9th edition by David S. Noss and John
B. Noss of read *The Eliade Guide to World Religions* by Mircea Eliade, Ioan
P. Couliano and Hillary S. Wierner.

(8) Also how many other sacred scriptures have you read? Have you read
the Rig-Veda, the Bhagavad Gita, the Adi Granth, the Koran, the Nag Hammadi
Gnostic texts, etc.? Find a copy of *Sacred Texts of the World: A Universal
Anthology* Edited by Ninian Smart and Richard D. Hecht and expose yourself to
religious ideas East and West down through thousands of years.

(9) Also if you have had a personal experience with Jesus Christ, are you
aware that there are other sincere religious seekers who have had personal
encounters with Krishna who says in the Bhagavad Gita: "I am the Self seated
in the hearts of all creatures.....I am the beginning, the middle and end of
all creation." Are you aware that there are many Buddhists who have a personal
experience with the Universal Buddha? How do you know, how can you be sure
that your experience with Christ is valid and their encounters with Krishna
or Buddha are false? Maybe, just maybe, Daniel H., your encounter is not
better or worse than their encounters. Think about....ask yourself in the
privacy of your own thoughts....these questions.

(10) Do you seek Truth, Reality (whatever you want to call it) or do you
seem comfortable beliefs?

(11) And how much to you know about mysticism, peak experiences, etc.? About
the great mystics not only of Jewish and Christian traditions but in other
religious traditions in Asia, Africa, South America and elsewhere?

(12) There are probably 30 good books in print on mysticism (universal,
worldwide) that show that people of many different religions, cultures, etc.
have experience the DIVINE. One of my favorite books is The Teachings of the
Mystics by W.T. Stace. It is out of print , but borrow a copy from your local
library or through interlibrary loan.

(13) And how much do you know about Esoteric Christianity?

I would highly recommend to you Daniel H and to every other member of Theosl-
to read

Rossner, Phd. It's in paperback for 12.95. Ask your local bookstore to
order it. THis is a remarkable work and every student of Theosophy, in my
opinion, should read it.

Also have you read these works on Esoteric Christianity:

The Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom in the Chrisitian Scriptures by William Kingsland.

The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, 2 vols. by Geoffey Hodson.

Theosophy and Christianity by H.T. Edge Paperback, 71 pages, $3.00

Esoteric Keys to the Christian Scriptures and the Universal Mystery Language
of Myth and Symbol by Henry T. Edge.

And just to open your mind up to a completely sceptical view of Christianity
and religion,

I suggest you read:

The Transcendental Temptation by Paul Kurtz. (This I would recommend as good
reading even for others on Theos-l)

and Jesus in History and Myth edited by R. Joseph Hoffman and Gerald A. Larue


duction edited byristianity: A CRitical Introu

The Origins of Christianity: A Critical Introduction edited by R. Joseph

Here's food for thought! I wish you well in your exploration of these areas!

Daniel Caldwell

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