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CWL and Mars

Sep 06, 1995 03:56 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Recent discussions on CWL and his visions of Martian life seem
to have assumed the the edited versions are the later editions
of ~Man, Whence How and Whither~ - which cannot be the case. I
have just obtained access to a first edition copy of this work,
published in 1913 by the then TPS in London. The only
references to life on Mars relate to root races and such, and it
is a joint venture with Annie Besant.

THe book that contains the Mars Inhabitants material is vol. 2
of ~The Inner Life~ published in 1911, of which I also have
access. Vol. 1 was published in 1910. I am working on a
complete text of the Mars material, together with some
biographical details about CWL. I had hoped to scan it in, but
the old books reproduce badly for this purpose, and so I am
having to type it in by hand. Watch this space .....


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