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Re: Former Christian

Sep 06, 1995 04:42 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> No one here has honestly and openly investigated the validity
> of the New and Old Testament. And if you had, your rose colored
> glasses caused you to be blinded from the obvious.
> Daniel
> Evangelical Polemist
> 1Pet3:15

WRONG. How can you presume such a thing? Have you met each one
of us in person? Do you know our individual backgrounds
intimately? What is the expression "the validity of the Old and
New Testament" supposed to mean? The Catholic OT has more books
than the Protestant; the Peshitta NT has less books than the
Greek. There are a number of recensions of all the texts in the
original tongues. Can you tell me what the Peshitta text (of
both Old and New testaments actually says, or what language it
is in? Its version of 1Pet is shorter than yours - did you know
that? It is in use every day by thousand of Christians in the
East, most of whom would think you were out of your tree. If
you tried to take your "message" to some of the places where
they worship, you could even get them murdered - did you know
that? "Scripture" means, as I have said before, "Writings" -
that's all. And these writings are without any doubt the
writings of men. (This has been directly revealed to me
by the Holy Spirit of God.)

Answer these questions, please, as soon as possible, every one,
line by line, without selective quoting from *any* source. We
are seekers after truth here, not polemical evangelists for
*any* cause.


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