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Sep 18, 1995 12:29 PM

Hi everyone,
Now that the dust seems settled, I would like to repeat a question I asked

Assuming that reincarnation is the rule, and assuming that we all have duties
to fulfill, and assuming that the pain and suffering of our lives reflect our
personal karma, how does a theosophist view the issue of abortion.
 Logically, given these assumptions, I can argue that there is karmic justice
served for the aborted fetus, that the abortionist is only doing his duty,
and that any injustice in this act will be worked out in the next
incarnation. I do not understand the difference between killing a combatant
in war and killing an unborn fetus.

With apologies to Brenda, I repeat that this is not my position in this life,
and I am not asking this question to have my opinion changed. I am trying to
understand the concepts of karma, darmha, and reincarnation, and within this
arguement, I perceive a conflict. How do you all see the issue of abortion
within the framework of theosophy?

Love and light, Fred

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