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Re: Valve stuck?

Sep 18, 1995 11:32 AM
by Lewis Lucas


 I have read CWL complaining about the sounds of the city and even
of others whistling which caused him much discomfort because of the
highten state of sensitivity brought on by his spiritual practices.

 In contrast, (on the other hand) I have also read of a buddhist
teacher who was able to move through the crowded streets of Tokyo
unfazed. He he entered his inner sanctuary during his morining
meditation and never left it throughout the day.

 This also reminds me of CWL's assertion that there were two ways
to protect oneself from unwanted influences and he tells the story of
two priest he had observed (I think they were priest, but it's
immaterial). One surrounded himself with a shell of sorts that acted
as a filter. The other radiated love with such power that all
contrary "vibes" were cancelled out.

 I wonder if JRC has done in experiements along these lines.


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