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Re: abortion

Sep 18, 1995 10:19 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>My view: It would seem that abortion is murder, whatever may be the age of
>the fetus. It may be the karma of the incoming soul (manas) to lose the
>vehicle INTO WHICH IT HAS NOT YET INCARNATED, but it is not justifiable to
>bring on that karma. It is never right to cause pain or suffering to another
>being, least of all out of self-interest.

Murder is an awfully strong word to use in such exceptional circumstances.
Do you believe your own government upholds "murder"? You have so little
trust in the judicial and lawmaking bodies. You don't mention even a hint of
"Leave the decision to those who are more learned in this area."

I really wish there was this much concern for animals and this much fight
directed towards living a vegetarian life. Not only the animals would
benefit here, but the people who refrain from accumulating this karma.

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